Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Formal dance #9

In formal dance we have been learning 5 dances including the salsa, the waltz, the line dance, the rock and roll reel and the jitterbug. These dances are really fun but my favorite dance is the jitterbug because you get to make up your own dance with 5-7 dance moves. We normally do formal dance everyday but sometimes the day gets to busy, I'm very excited for the actual formal last year it was really fun.

Chorus box #8

Chorus and the Oaklands school student leaders have teamed up to paint one of Chorus' boxes. first we had to design what was going on the box then we had to get that design checked by Chorus to ask if we could start painting, they then replied yes. A laddie from the ccc then came with paints and brushes so we could start the painting. The first group went down to the box, they had to scrub and then put the white base coat on. the next group went down a couple days later and put the second white base coat on, then the third group went down and started the coloring/drawing. soon we will be done and it will look very pretty.

Run, jump, throw #7

Last week Leeana and I spoke and helped out the junior run, jump, throw. This task included saying the opening speech, making the sprint track, playing music, ringing the bell and calling the names of the sprint finalist (the names were hard to pronounce). my favorite part of run, jump, throw was helping out the junior side of the school they are fun to teach.
The care value that I showed was community by helping out the school community.
The leadership trait that I showed was active thinking by actively thinking about what I had to do 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Wellington trip #6

A couple weeks ago I went to wellington with all the year 8's. At take off I enjoyed watching my city turn small but I did NOT enjoy walking. I showed leadership by using my leadership traits on the plane and around the city. I showed all my care values in wellington. What I enjoyed the most was hanging out with my friends and making lots of memories.

Leadership technology #5

On Thursday we went to technology, at technology I'm doing science. In science we were doing robotics. Robotics is not fun, very boring. The bus rides to Lincoln are very fun I sit next to lots of my friends on the bus. 
The CARE values I showed were respect because I respected the bus driver by talking quietly.
The leadership quality I showed was active thinking because I was actively thinking about what I was doing at tech.  

Home learning challenges #5

E9.  Research an important person or event in NZ’s history. Present your findings.

Richie McCaw has lead his team to victory three times and been motivational, resilient and a true leader to his whole team. Richie McCaw was captain for the Crusaders and for the All Black , He leed the All Blacks 3 times when winning the Rugby World Cup and holding the trophy above his head. Richie McCaw reminded the world of his brilliance as a leader when he lifted the Webb Ellis Cup in 2011, 2015 and 1987, battling through a troubling foot injury to claim rugby’s greatest prize.The all blacks have won three times, 2nd place once, 3rd place twice and 4th place once with Riche and players that have retired. Not only has Richie McCaw had a lot of victories, he never gave up on his teams.

Richie has never givin up he has kept on trying and never letting his team down while playing a game for the All Blacks or the Crusaders.Treatment for Richie injury meant he missed the early stages of Investec Super Rugby in 2012. Richie quickly made his presence felt when he rejoined his Crusaders teammates, again he lead the way with both his work-rate and skill with ball in hand. Richie McCaw lined up for the 550 km event as an official member of the Cure Kids team and supported the charity. Richie McCaw is a fantastic example of a great male leader that shows all the leadership qualities.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Excellence key leadership role #5

On Tuesday the student leaders had a meeting with Mr Ladbrook.
We firstly talked about the chorus box we are doing.
Then he said that he had sent an email to our parent's to see if they could supervise us while we are painting it. 
After that he said to think about what part of the box do we want to paint.
Then Mr Ladbrook asked us if we have or are close to getting our excellence badge and most of the student leaders hadn't.

I showed repect by listening to Mr Ladbrook when he was speaking.

I was also being trustworthy by showing up to the meeting on time.