Tuesday, 26 July 2016

W.A.L.T: I can identify the types of nouns

I can identify the types of nouns.

Highlight the nouns in the following sentences and say whether they are common, proper, collective or abstract.

1. Always speak the truth.   

2. Honesty is the best policy.  

3. King Solomon was famous for his wisdom.   

4. A committee of five was appointed.   

5. We saw a fleet of ships in the harbour.   

6. He gave me a bunch of grapes.   

7. London is on the river Thames.   

8. Cleanliness is next to godliness.   

9. Wisdom is better than riches.    

10. Winston Churchill was one of the greatest Prime Ministers of England. X

11. I recognised his voice at once.

12. Our team is better than theirs.

My SLC reflection

The things I enjoyed most about my SLC were:
showing my mum what I have been doing in school that she doesn't know about.

What went well and why?
all of my SLC went well, I explained it right and my mum understood everything.

What were the challenges you faced when preparing and presenting your SLC?
finishing on time was hard because there was loads of things to fill out. 

What changes would you make for next time and why?
To make a link to my learning pathway instead of doing a screen shot so my mum can see the scores better.

WALT apply the techniques of improvisation to a range of different scenarios.

improvisation TECHNIQUES that I have used successfully are, thinking on the spot and keeping it fast paced.

Improvisation TECHNIQUES that I would like to have more practice at being ready for anything.

The thing that I enjoyed most about this unit of learning was the games because it was funny to see what other people did and to see them fail.

The thing that I found most challenging during this unit of learning was getting up in front of my classmates because sometimes I was nervous.

My favourite improvisation game was doorbell because it was fun.

My next step/ something I need to work on further in improvisation is to show more emotion in my act because that was hard.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Merit can do #7

Evidence for PALs
Last week me and Anneke did kakono PALs and we played with the skipping ropes and it was a lot of fun. We played with the giant ropes and had all different games going. Anneke and I had to Finnish early because of the kakono cross country. The care value I used the most was community because I showed up on time and gave a PAL game to the kakono.