Wednesday, 14 December 2016

I can create something that teaches others about the Treaty of Waitangi / Gallipoli or NZ Parliament

In this project I was working with Natasha and Sophie and we decided to create a puppet play

Here is a link what we made.

In this project we decided that our success criteria were:

Overall our project met this criteria because we followed wants on there.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Merit must do #4

On Tuesday the year 7/8's went to technology design and tech styles made our own version of dragons den/shark tank and me and Sophie presented first, we presented our phone cases and did pretty well. Sophie also won a block of chocolate for finishing her passport and also she won a prize in mandarin.

Merit must do #3

I have been going to technology in Lincoln by bus and I have been showing the C.A.R.E Values on the bus, I have been showing Community on the bus by filling the seats sensibly and at Lincoln I have been showing the Respect value by using the appropriate language