Thursday, 30 April 2015

My hero

WALT write a information report about your hero Michael Jordan
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Michael Jordan is in the movie Space Jam because he is the best basketball player and is world famous.
He became a good basketball because he practice and practice until he is what he is now

Paragraph 1 How Michael Jordan became famous

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players. He became one of the most famous basketball players by going to the NBA to play for the Chicago Bulls. He liked baseball before basketball but he followed his older brother Larry’s footsteps, whom he idolized growing up.

Paragraph 2 Michael Jordan’s life and family

He was born in Brooklyn, New York 1963 and was the youngest of 4 siblings. His dad was murdered in a robbery. He went to North Carolina College and got cut from his high school basketball team because he was to short

Paragraph 3 Michael Jordan’s sales

Michael Jordan is very rich. Michael Jordan earned $100 million from his shoes. also another pair of shoes that he wore he sold them for 31,070 in 2013


He has won 6 times with the Chicago Bulls and got 2 gold olympic medals in Barcelona and Los Angeles. He is my hero because he puts people before himself.

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