Wednesday, 25 November 2015

New Zealand's flag should not be changed

New Zealand's flag
should not be changed

    I believe the New Zealand's flag should not be changed because i believe that the old flag looks            
     better and that it represents our country more than the 5 choices That do not look the best and kiwis treasure our flag also it is our history and it has been in our country for more than 100 years why change it? 

     New Zealanders treasure our flag. The new zealand flag has been flown    
 and worn for many years when we remember the day of the Anzac landings and different ceremonies . The new zealand flag was featured at the final of the Cricket World Cup and was held when we won the Rugby World Cup.  The flag is displayed on jackets and clothing around the world, people are proud to be called Kiwi and the flag is part of kiwi culture, so why change it today. But that's not all 

 The New Zealand Flag represent who we are.  The royal blue background is of the blue sea and sky surroundings us. The stars of the southern cross signify our place in the south pacific ocean. The Union flag recognizes our historical foundations and that New Zealand was once a British colony.

    It is are history. People have went to war for this flag at Gallipoli and other wars new zealand has been in for the british colony. In world war 2 over 11,700 died under that flag and over 18,500 in world war 1 

    It is costing loads of money. The country is spending over $25 million dollars on the new flag why don’t they keep the old one.  But if a new design is chosen, the spending doesn’t end there. It will cost up to $2.66 million just to replace the old flag.  Instead of buying a new flag new zealand should get homes for the 34,000 homeless people across New Zealand                      

overall, a different  flag should not be chosen because of its history, that it represents our country, how much money it costs to change it and that it is a treasure to new zealand  

Thank you for listening to my thoughts about the New Zealand flag

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