Monday, 7 March 2016

Merit Can Do #1

Merit Evidence for:PALS
7 March 2016
I have been remembering to turn up to my duty on time and having the right gear to play my game. I have been reminding my PAL group to make it on time to, I am asking others in the playground what is the time and then giving my PAL group a yell for when it is time. during one of my duty's people came up to me and asked for a free pozi and I politely replied no and they walked of. Not much people turned up to one of my first duty's it was a sort quick game with 5 against 5. Next time i want to explain the instructions more clear because they were doing what ever they wanted to do. I like doing PALS it gives the kakano students something to do at lunch and me an opportunity to show leadership.

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