Thursday, 9 March 2017

Home learning challenge #1

Research a job you are interested in - including qualifications and training - present your findings.

How to become a Chef

Chef, this is a perfect career for me. Normal Chefs have a number of roles in their daily job including: preparing food, keeping work areas tidy and washing dishes after. The pay of a normal Chef gets around $16 - $25 an hour but a professional Chef gets around $22 - $49 an hour. The chances of me getting this job are high so I need to work towards my goal to achieve and follow the steps below.

There are a range of personal requirements that are needed to become a Chef. I need to be able to follow instructions so I can follow how the head Chef runs the place and how he wants the food cooked. I also have to be able to work under pressure when the kitchen is busy and orders come in fast. There is one more trait I need to have and that's to be reliable, reliable to my boss and my fellow chefs, so they can trust me and able to be relied on. These requirements will help me achieve this position but I also need some useful experiences.

To become a chef i will need to have a lot of useful experiences. One useful experience is to have any work preparing food, this is important because I actually need to know how to prepare to get better opportunities. Catering is a useful experience because you can get higher up, if you know how to do a lot of these things. Working in a kitchen before I go into my career is a very useful skill. Useful experiences can really help me to become a Chef. The last part needed are the entry requirements.

There are three entry requirements to become a Chef. two-three year on the job apprenticeship, including study towards a national certificate in hospitality - cookery level 4. One year full time national certificate in hospitality, basic cookery level 3. I also need one year, full time national certificate in hospitality level 4. It will be good for me if I can get all these certificate so I am able to get a better career.

Overall, there are many personal requirements needed to become a Chef eg: to be able to follow instructions. There are also many useful experiences that I could have to help achieve my goal of becoming a Chef. The entry requirements are many and varied. Finally, I believe that this career is achievable through hard work.

That was my research of how to become a Chef

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