Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Key leadership role #3

Run Bike Run

Last week Leeana and I ran the Run Bike Run. We had to get down to Westlake park at 7:45 am, that was really early start for me.
Mr Forman and Mr Hillary were already down there so we started to set up then we went back to school to do the roll. Mr Forman, Leeana and I then drove down to get there before anyone else and fix cone's that have been knocked over. Everyone completes there race including me and they all go back to school and Leeana and I stay behind and pack up.

Overall Run Bike Run was really fun. I came 5th in my race and made it to Ruapuna raceway to compete in the bigger Run Bike Run.

The Care value I showed was community because Leeana and I woke very early to create a run bike run for the school community  

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